Am/Can Ch Waldenmark's Royal Kona CGC

DOB: Sept 21, 1997
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Sire:  Multiple BVIS, BIS Am/Can Ch Kognac's Stars For Jungle Jake Can CDX, Am UD, HIC, CGC, TD
Dam:  Am/Can Ch Nightfire's Top Intrigue C-BAR

OFA: BT3238G24M-T / EL731-T,
CERF: BT2087/2001, Thyroid: MSU Normal, No Seizures
Scissors bite/full dentition

Roy - A/C Ch Waldenmark's Royal Kona CGC
September 21, 1997 - December 12, 2010


It is with great sadness that we needed to let Roy go today.
He was always such a sweet soul, a loving companion, content to be home with us wherever we happened to be.
We love and miss him very much.......


A lovely tribute from Jay's daughter Debra.......
My Roy Boy - such a sweet, gentle soul - and so lovable and affectionate...
Roy had the distinction of being the very first puppy of the very first litter -
and of course, our Jack's older brother.

Born first, weighing the most, and known as "Red" for the color ribbon he sported, his wonderful disposition was evident from the start.

He was content just to be with everyone. He loved attention but wasn't demanding of it.

"The Fastest Tongue in the East," he was a friend to all. I loved having him as my roommate when I visited - he was such great company.

In the middle of the night I would leave my bed to use the bathroom, and when I returned, he had taken my spot in bed! It was a little tight for both of us in a twin bed, but we would manage for awhile. I would never tell him to get down, but eventually I think he figured out that we'd both be more comfortable that way, so he did.
I will always remember him, miss him terribly and hope that he is in a happy place, because he so very much deserves it.






Highlights of Roy's accomplishments

Wins his first major at 6 months and 3 weeks.
Finishes in the US.
Finishes in Canada.

Limited showing with Group Placing.

Multiple Group Placing and now GROUP WINNING !!!.
Ranked #4 Belgian in Canada under limited showing!!!

Multiple Group Placing and a Group First again!!!
He is now multiple Group Winning !!!!!
Roy was ranked #5 Belgian in the Canadian Kennel Club!!!

Roy was collected and is 'on ice'.  He has been neutered.





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